100% fully recyclable billboard solution

Green Smart Skins

Scaffad Australia is driven by twelve years’ experience and a commitment to innovation in the grand format print arena. This is why we endorse Smart Skins, the only 360 degree recyclable billboard skins available.

Why Smart Skins are so important

As the war on plastic heats up around the world, Scaffad Australia has found a
smart substrate that can be printed, installed and recycled in ways that help
Australia and Australians.

Environmentally friendly Smart Skins

  • We have tested the Smart Skins and there is no difference in their look once installed, despite being 60% lighter in weight.
  • Smart Skins kedder edging is also fully recyclable.
  • Smart Skins are available up to 5m wide, so we can provide a product for any campaign.
  • Smart Skins are only available for single use frontlit billboards at this time.

Environmentally friendly Smart Skins

Reduce landfill and save hard wood forests by recycling your billboard signs. The recycled product can be utilised as park benches, train tracks and fence posts.

FAQ’s about Smart Skins

Question 1: What material are Smart Skins made from?
Answer: Smart Skins are produced on 100% polythylene.

Question 2: Are there any other environmentally friendly options?
Answer: This is the first time we have seen a fully recyclable product, inclusive of the kedder edging.

Question 3: Has it been tested?
Answer: Yes, and it’s in stock and ready to go.

Question 4: Do Smart Skins cost more?
Answer: Costing is slightly higher than standard skins.

Question 5: How many rotations are possible?
Answer: Smart Skins are only recommended for one install.